Learn how to create a website that looks beautiful AND makes sales!

It’s not enough to just look pretty! This course teaches you how to structure and create a website that encourages your dream customers to buy from you.

Website Wonderland, the DIY Website Course by Amber Phillips Design, guides you to create a website that looks brilliant, makes you sound and look like a professional and established business, doesn’t break the bank and makes you sales right from the start.  

And signing up with the Ultimate Bundle means you also get access to two mini-courses that will help you to create the Ultimate Website

Creating your Dream Brand is a mini-course and workbook to help you to create your own brand that attracts your perfect people like bees to honey!

Planning your Perfect Website is a mini-course that will guide you through absolutely everything you need to do before you get started on your website. Having a good plan will make it so much easier to create the perfect website that makes sales for your business!